Pre-packed lunch box snacks



Receive a big box filled with 20 bags containing 3 to 4 pre-packed lunchbox snacks.  Snacks include items such as biltong, crackers, dried fruit and nuts, health bars, popcorn and pretzels.  This is a winner for busy moms.  Pop the packet into your child’s school lunchbox and your snacks are sorted for the day ! P.S  – Don’t forget to pop one into your work bag too mom! Please send any special requirements (nut free etc) in the check-out notes. A mention of the age of your child is also a good idea. Ask about our VALUE box as you get EXTRA snacks this way.  A great variety of snacks keeps your child interested in healthy snacking.  A treat or two is included if you allow treats mom! Remember we also have a VALUE box on our website so check that out as well.

Choose either the KIDS or ADULT snacks




Top selling product! A box of pre-packed lunchbox snacks delivered to your door.  Make life easier and quicker in the mornings. Great for kids lunch boxes.  A great variety of snacks. 20 packs containing 3 to 4 snacks in each.  Ask about the VALUE box which gets you extra snacks.  Please make a note at checkout as to the age of your child and remember to select ADULT or KIDS snacks.  If a sweet treat like a chocolate is allowed please let us know!

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Weight 3 kg

Pre packed lunchbox snacks for ADULTS, Pre packed lunchbox snacks for KIDS


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