Surprise Sweetie Snack Box


If you are a sweet tooth that enjoys sweet surprises then this is the box for you!  We will send you some delicious treats in a jam-packed sweetie snack box to enjoy. To give you a hint, your sweetie box may contain chocolates, truffles, fudge, jelly sweets, and more AND remember that every month we have a different SURPRISE BOX!  Please leave some notes at checkout to give us a little hint of what you enjoy and whether the box is for an adult or child 🙂


If you are a sweet tooth and enjoy surprises then the Surprise Sweetie Snack Box is for you!  Receive a box full of assorted sweets. Sweets may include jelly sweets, chocolates, novely sweets and we cannot reveal the whole surprise otherwise it would not be a surprise sweetie box.  Please feel free to leave some notes at checkout as we need to know whether the box is for a child or adult.  We can include a birthday card or little note so please chat at the checkout point !

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